WildWestHackinFest | 2019

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Talk: Enumerating Userland Applications Attack Surface on Windows

Description: This presentation will cover how to perform attack surface enumeration concerning windows userland applications. Inside the domain of vulnerability research, many different methodologies exist for how a researcher may start their journey with auditing an application. This presentation will provide information on how to enumerate the attack surface of userland applications that are deployed on the Windows operating system.

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Workshop Attended: New Speaker Workshop – This workshop is for new speakers in the industry to get a chance to gain insight into the world of professional presenting behavior.

Comments: This was my second ever presentation and I ran into some issues such as losing all my notes for my talk as my Windows laptop would not work with the projector and I had to transfer from PowerPoint to Mac’s preview tool and present using that. This caused some last minute issues and I apologize for anything off-topic, horrible examples, and or inaccuracies of those in this presentation. I tried to remember what my notes were from PowerPoint however some of them I failed to remember and that caused me to fumble / confuse some concepts.

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